Tuesday, 30 December 2014

What I got for Christmas

I have been very spoiled this Christmas by family and friends and I wanted to share with you what I got this year! I'm not writing this post to show off or anything like that, I just personally love reading these posts (yes, I'm veeery curious about stuff like that, not gonna lie) and thought you would too. 

The one  I can't believe I got is the Clarisonic Mia2. It's such an expensive skincare item and I never thought my mum and dad would give it to me as a present. I will keep you updated on how I get along with it, but so far I actually have noticed a difference in my skin, even though I just started using it!

The one I really really wanted is the black Zara bag. It's perfect for travelling and for university and looks very chic with nearly every outfit. I know for sure that I will use it nearly everyday! 

The ones I totally did not expect are the power bank and the dark brown purse. I loooooove them, especially the power bank. Since it's so small I can easily throw it into my purse, which is, again, super handy when travelling and for daily use. 

The one that made me jump of excitement is the TooFaced Natural Face Palette. It has everything you need: a bronzer, two blushes, two contour shades and a highlighter. There is a theme going on here, because this one is also perfect for travelling. The people around me surely know that this year I will travel a lot! 

The one I'll use for special occasions is the sequin dress. With New Years Eve coming up, it's the perfect gift they could get me. I really love the style, since it combines sequins with a straight cut, therefore it's not too over the top. (It's from Boohoo if anyone wonders)

The ones I'll use daily are the two brushes and the eyelash curler. The big black fluffy brush is a retractable one from Sephora, as well as the eyelash curler, and the eye brush is from Zoeva. All these three were missing in my collection, so thanks mum and dad!

The one I already finished reading is the book. The Hidden Relic is actually the second book of the saga, I literally read the first one in three days. It's soooo good! 

The one which is super cute is the Christmas decoration. My family knows I've fallen in love with London after spending there four months, so they got me those. I can't wait hanging them on my Christmas tree next year!!! 

I hope you've had an amazing Christmas with your family and friends and enjoyed the time to the fullest! 

With love,


  1. Such wonderful gifts, your bag looks so gorgeous! xo

    1. thank you! I'm soooo grateful. have a lovely day xx